Designing Attire for a family portrait


• Timeless, simple, solid colored clothing produce the best images because they don’t distract. Try to avoid loud and busy patters, prints, stripes or plaids, and refrain from wearing large logo’d clothing unless it’s a style you want to show in your portrait. There are always exceptions to the rules, so please consult us prior to your portrait session. 

We want the emphasis to be on YOU, not the latest trends!



• Try to avoid white clothing, white adds weight and black reduces weight. Darker hues look better and are more slimming, especially on the bottom. Dress in the same tone head to toe.



• The longer the sleeve, the better. Quarter length sleeves are good, half or full length sleeves are better. Too much skin competes with the face. If you are worried about your weight, avoid spaghetti straps and extremely short sleeves.




• Come dressed with the outfit you feel most comfortable wearing for your portrait. Feel free to bring a few options if you would like, we’ll help you sort through them. However, be sure to bring your clothes on hangers. Folded or in a pile from the back seat are a wrinkled disaster waiting to happen.



• Please come camera ready, meaning hair and make-up already done plus a little extra mascara. Ladies, please bring your favorite brush, comb, make-up for touch-ups throughout the session.

• Don’t experiment with tanning lotions a day before your portraits; we all know how that usually ends up! Tan lines can cause issues, so think about your timing.

• Also, if you are going to get your hair cut or colored, please do so a week before the session so you are used to it and know how to style it just the way you like it!



• Glasses often have glare over the subject’s eyes and sometimes distort the face. If possible, bring an empty pair of frames (lenses removed). When that’s not an option we can correct the problem digitally.

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