Past and Present

Photographs are like magic. They take you back in time to a special day where cherished memories will come back every time you look at them. I feel blessed to be able to create such wonderful, magical moments for you and your family and that magic is even more special when my friends come back for more. I say friends and not clients because everyone who enters my studio becomes a lifelong friend. Take Kristin & Albert Brenner. I met them in early 2000 to share in their special day and create lifelong memories for them. It was a beautiful November day overlooking the ocean at the Belair Bay Club. I was still shooting film back then and we did both black & white and color. The images came out beautifully and Kristin & Albert loved them so much that she recommended us to her brother JD. 

On July 20th, 2002, JD and Shannon began their day at the Westlake Village Inn for some Before shots and portraits and then off to Calamigos Ranch for a wonderful ceremony and reception. I was shocked when Shannon surprised me with remembering my birthday.  It was such a nice addition to an already great day.  I truly feel apart of their wonderful family and feel fortunate that I am able to make such great connections with all of my clients.

The greatest satisfaction I can think of is when my friends invite me back into their lives to capture another special day. Seventeen years after Kristin & Alberts big day, I am back with my friends to create new memories for their children, Kayla and Adin at their B’nai Mitzvah. The kids were very easy to work with and it truly is a special moment for me to be back with my good friends and seeing where their lives have taken them. The ceremony was held at the Congregation of Ami in Calabasas where we had beautiful weather for their portraits. The party continued later at the Agoura Hills Recreation and Event Center where Kayla and her friends danced the night away while Adin and his friends ran all around outside. A very special day for everyone involved.

When you are ready to plan your special day, contact me Evan Guston Photography to schedule an appointment. I promise you will leave my studio with a new friend and the beginning of many wonderful memories. And for my returning friends, my doors are always open to help you with your next momentous occasion.

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Designing Attire for a family portrait


• Timeless, simple, solid colored clothing produce the best images because they don’t distract. Try to avoid loud and busy patters, prints, stripes or plaids, and refrain from wearing large logo’d clothing unless it’s a style you want to show in your portrait. There are always exceptions to the rules, so please consult us prior to your portrait session. 

We want the emphasis to be on YOU, not the latest trends!



• Try to avoid white clothing, white adds weight and black reduces weight. Darker hues look better and are more slimming, especially on the bottom. Dress in the same tone head to toe.



• The longer the sleeve, the better. Quarter length sleeves are good, half or full length sleeves are better. Too much skin competes with the face. If you are worried about your weight, avoid spaghetti straps and extremely short sleeves.




• Come dressed with the outfit you feel most comfortable wearing for your portrait. Feel free to bring a few options if you would like, we’ll help you sort through them. However, be sure to bring your clothes on hangers. Folded or in a pile from the back seat are a wrinkled disaster waiting to happen.



• Please come camera ready, meaning hair and make-up already done plus a little extra mascara. Ladies, please bring your favorite brush, comb, make-up for touch-ups throughout the session.

• Don’t experiment with tanning lotions a day before your portraits; we all know how that usually ends up! Tan lines can cause issues, so think about your timing.

• Also, if you are going to get your hair cut or colored, please do so a week before the session so you are used to it and know how to style it just the way you like it!



• Glasses often have glare over the subject’s eyes and sometimes distort the face. If possible, bring an empty pair of frames (lenses removed). When that’s not an option we can correct the problem digitally.

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High School Seniors

High School Seniors, after years of hard work and dedication, it’s time to celebrate the end of an era. Let Evan Guston Photography help memorialize this epic event with some high quality photos. Our process is simple, we work closely with both parent and student to put together the right setting for your portraits. 

Our studio is ready for any setting you can think of from traditional to a little more playful. If you prefer an outdoor setting, we can shoot anywhere from the coast to the hills and everything in-between. Check out our Senior Gallery to see some of our previous shoots. 

Whatever the setting you choose to go with, Evan Guston Photography can help bring your vision to life and the end result will be treasured for a lifetime. 

Nicholas Meyer ~ 2017 High School Senior

Nicholas Meyer ~ 2017 High School Senior

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Photo Tip: Family Portrait 1

Location, location, location. That’s what they all say is the most important thing to consider and that is very true when it comes to picking the right spot for your family portraits. This is a life long memory that you will cherish and you will want the perfect location to shoot. 

Think of a place where you and the family love to go. Your favorite beach, a hilltop scenic viewpoint, a local park where you play, or simply your own backyard where you already have amazing memories, this will be a wonderful one to add to your collection of treasured moments.

Something you will want to keep in mind when choosing your spot, think about the time of day you want to shoot. Late afternoon is ideal, but when shooting outdoors in the afternoon, you have to keep in mind the potential crowd that could make shooting in your favorite spot problematic. You can’t really expect people to move for you and you may end up having to find another spot. 

If you can’t come up with a great location, don’t worry. We know hundreds of beautiful spots that will work. View our Gallery and if you see a location you love, just let us know. Evan Guston Photography will ensure that your experience will be stress free and fun for everyone.